On-line Articles:

Back-to-School Night Basics - Tips on how to make the most out of your child's Back-to-School Night.

Checklist for Test "De-Stress" - A concise article with simple, but effective tips for standardized tests.

Coping with Homework Horrors - Forget the overly dramatic title, it's a good, concise article on how to help your child with homework.

The Effort Effect - "Students for whom performance is paramount want to look smart even if it means not learning a thing in the process. For them, each task is a challenge to their self-image, and each setback becomes a personal threat. So they pursue only activities at which they’re sure to shine—and avoid the sorts of experiences necessary to grow and flourish in any endeavor. Students with learning goals, on the other hand, take necessary risks and don’t worry about failure because each mistake becomes a chance to learn." - An article about the research of Carol Dweck, currently at Stanford University. Also see the sidebar article titled What Do We Tell the Kids?

Five Key Skills for Academic Success - Does your child have trouble with organization, time management, prioritization, concentration, and/or motivation? This article might give you some ideas to help your child.

Get and Stay Organized - An article intended for the parents of students starting middle school, but appropriate for parents of fifth grade students who are getting ready to make that transition.

Parents Have Homework, Too - A well-written, short article by teacher Sybil Humphries. She does an excellent job of concisely discussing many important things that parents can do to help their children regarding school.

Rethinking Report Cards - "According to Hoover Liddell, special assistant to the superintendent in the San Francisco Unified School District in California, the marks on a standards-based report card show only how well the child has mastered the grade-level standards, and do not include effort, attitude or work habits, which are usually marked separately."

Teaching Study Skills - A guide for parents from the National Association of School Psychologists.

Three Ways to Help Your Child Succeed in School is actually a list of ten ways by By Robert Needlman, M.D.

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