Preparing a Bibliography

A bibliographic entry has three main parts, each separated by a period: the author’s name, reversed for alphabetizing; the title; and the publication information.


One Author:
Last name, first name and initial or middle name. Title. Place: Publisher, date of publication.
Deedy, Carmen Agra. The Library Dragon. Atlanta: Peachtree Publishers, Ltd, 1994.

Two Authors:
Last name, First name and initial or middle name, and First name Last Name. Title. Place: Publisher, date.
Ryan, Pam Munoz, and Jerry Pallotta. The Crayon Counting Book. Watertown, MA: Charlesbridge Publishing, 1996.

Three authors:
Last name, first name, First name Last name, and First name Last name. Title. Place: Publisher, date.
Jones, V.S., M.E. Eakle, and C.W. Foerster. A History of Newspapers. Cambridge, Eng.: Cambridge UP, 1987.

More than three authors:
Last name, first name, et al. Title. Place: Publisher, date.
Shields, J., et al. The History of English Alley. Hartford: Merganser Press, 1997.

Encyclopedia Articles

When you know the author (the article is signed):
Last name, first name. "Article Title." Title of Encyclopedia (edition), volume number, page numbers.
Feinberg, Joe. "Cats." The World Book Encyclopedia (1999), 3, 101-123.

When you don't know the author's name (the article is unsigned):
"Article Title." Title of Encyclopedia, (edition), volume number, page numbers.
"Money." Compton's Precyclopedia (1977 ed.), X, 80-91.

Magazine and newspaper articles

Last name, first name. "Article title." Title of magazine (Issue date): pages.
King, Peter. "The Clutch." Sports Illustrated (31 January 2000): 42-45.

World Wide Web

Author or originator. Title of item. [Online] Date of document or download (day, month, year). URL <http://address/filename>.
U.S. Census Bureau. "American FactFinder: Facts About My Community." [Online] 17 August 2001. <>.

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