Organization and Supplies


Students must organize their school materials in folders and notebooks.

  • They will need one 70-page, wirebound notebook for each of the core subjects: Language Arts, Mathematics, History, and Science. Mr. Drum and I would prefer it if they were color-coordinated. We would like a green one for Language Arts, a red one for Mathematics, a blue one for History, and a yellow one for Science.
  • Students will also need a folder for each of those subjects to store handouts; I recommend that each folder be the same color as the notebook. A fifth folder for other handouts might also be helpful, for other subjects, like P.E., health, music, etc.
  • They will need an additional notebook which I am calling a learning notebook; it will be for non-academic information related to grading, rules, expectations, etc. as well as for general study skills.
  • Students will need a small supply of binder paper so that they may turn assignments in without turning in their notebooks or ripping pages out of their notebooks.
  • They must also have a homework folder.
  • Required: (1) Four subject notebooks, one green, one red, one blue, and one yellow, (2) five subject folders, (3) a learning notebook, (4) binder paper, and (5) a homework folder.

We anticipate using two notebooks each this year for Language Arts and Mathematics. You may want to purchase two green and two red notebooks during the summer back-to-school sales, but this is not necessary.

Other supplies (not required, but helpful)

  • A backpack is very helpful for carrying binders or notebooks and textbooks from home to school.
  • A box of pencils and a pencil case. If students bring mechanical pencils, they must provide their own lead (graphite).
  • Erasers. We all make mistakes.
  • A pen for grading, preferably blue or green.
  • A pair of scissors. We do have some classroom scissors to share, but it’s better if each student has his or her own, because they are used frequently.
  • Ruler. Again, we have some, but it’s better for each student to have his or her own.
  • Calculator. We have some, but not enough for every student. These are not used every day.
  • Water Bottle. Students are allowed to drink water in class if they bring a water bottle.
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