Persuasive Essay

Topic Ideas

A. Convince your teacher who plays soft, calming music during quiet work times to play a type of music that you prefer.
B. Your parent or guardian has been offered a job in another state that will neither help nor hurt their career, and the company will pay all moving expenses. Convince your parent or guardian to move or to stay.
C. You have been studying global warming in your science class. Now convince a friend who is not in your class that global warming is an important issue.
D. Persuade your parent or guardian to buy you a new (musical instrument of your choice).
E. Persuade your principal to provide funds for your class to take a field trip to Washington D.C. to study the American Revolution.
F. Persuade your math teacher to set aside one day a month for math games.
G. Convince your classmates that studying history is important.
H. Persuade your teacher to show more videos about historical events.
I. Convince a committee of parents and teachers that your teacher deserves to be named teacher of the year.
J. The school board of your district is considering making the school day longer by adding an extra hour. The purpose for lengthening the school day is to provide more time for instruction and practice of the current curricula. They believe this will produce greater student achievement. Convince them to add the extra hour or to leave the school day as it is.
K. Suppose that the school board of your district is considering having all students wear a uniform that is to be selected by a group of PTA presidents. Convince the school board members to require school uniforms or to leave the dress code as it is.
L. Many students really do not like the contents of their school lunch. Parents pay for it because they feel their children will get a healthy lunch and it is convenient for them. Yet, many students throw much of it out because they do not like the choices presented. Persuade Student Nutrition Services to make your specific menu changes, explaining the advantages of your changes, including the health and financial benefits of those changes.
M. Many students get an allowance from their parents to help them learn to be financially responsible. Convince your parent or guardian that it is time for a raise in your allowance, including how it will be beneficial to you and to them.
N. Assume you know a classmate who always wants to work with you on projects, but does little of the work. You end up doing most of the work, but they get the same grade you do. Convince him or her to do their fair share of the work.
O. Your mayor wants to build youth centers in your town. You think there should be some young people on the planning committee. Convince the mayor of your argument.
P. Persuade a committee of your principal and some parents and teachers of one change that will improve the school for all students.
Q. Some of the parents at your school have started to complain that there is too much homework. The teachers say it is necessary. What is your position? Convince the principal to set reasonable limit for homework that will make both parents and teachers happy.
R. Persuade a friend to exercise and get into shape.
S. Persuade a friend to eat a more healthy diet.

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