Go, Slow, Whoa

Bullying Survey Results (2008-2009)

1. Twelve (12) out of 23 students in our class have been bullied.
2. Of the 12 students who are bullied, 14 are bullied sometimes; 2 are bullied often; and none are bullied everyday.
3. Of the 12 students who are bullied, 13 are bullied at school; none are bullied at home; and one (1) is bullied in their neighborhood.
4. Of the 13 students who are bullied at school, 4 are bullied in their classroom, none are bullied in the hallways; one (1) is bullied in the lunchroom; 9 are bullied on the playground; one (1) is bullied in the restroom, and 2 are bullied in other places.
5. Twenty-one (21) students said they have seen other students bullied at school, while 2 said they have not.
6. Fifteen (15) students said they saw bullying sometimes, 3 said it was often, and 4 said it was everyday.
7. Of the 21 students who said they have seen others being bullied, 6 saw bullying in the classroom;
2 saw bullying in the hall; 2 saw bullying in the lunchroom; 12 saw bullying on the playground; 6 saw bullying in the restroom; and 5 saw bullying in other places.
8. The most common types of bullying our class reported were
Name calling: 17
Shoving, kicking or hitting: 12
Stealing or damaging property: 6
Threatening: 3
Ignoring: 0
9. One student (1) in our class reports having bullied other students.
10. Five (5) students say that bullying is not a problem for them. Eleven (11) students say that bullying is not much of a problem. Seven (7) students say that bullying is very much a problem.

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