Physical Education

Physical Fitness Test

Physical fitness, as measured by the mandatory state testing, is comprised of several components: (1) aerobic capacity, (2) body composition, and (3) muscular strength, endurance, and flexibility.

We will also be measuring the students’ height and weight to determine their Body Mass Index, an estimate of the appropriate weight for their height.

Mile Walk/Run or Pacer (20 m)

The Mile Walk/Run or Pacer is a test of aerobic capacity and endurance.


The Curl-up is a test of abdominal strength and endurance.

Trunk Lift

The Trunk Lift is a test of strength and flexibility.


The Push-up is a test of upper body strength and endurance.

Sit-and-Reach or Shoulder Stretch

The Sit-and-Reach or Shoulder Stretch is a test of flexibility.

For the Shoulder Stretch, girls and boys must touch their fingertips together behind their backs on both the right and left sides.

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