Week One

Elementary School Poetry 180

1 - Introduction to Poetry - Billy Collins
2 - The Tyger - William Blake
3 - Jabberwocky - Lewis Carroll
4 - This Is Just to Say - William Carlos Williams
5 - Lines - Martha Collins

  • I had to start with a Billy Collins poem, which he did as well with Introduction to Poetry.
  • For day two, I have a poem by William Blake, inspired by Kenneth Koch. This is one I want to introduce early on and come back to later in the year for a bit of study and as inspiration for writing poems. It can also be found at Middle School Poetry.
  • For day three, I borrowed an idea from Middle School Poetry 180 for Jabberwocky, which is also included in A Poem for Every Day! by Susan Moger, a resource I have been using for this project.
  • "This Is Just to Say" has been included in many anthologies, and can also be found at Middle School Poetry.
  • Lines also comes from Poetry 180.

Introduction | Week Two

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