Week Three

Elementary School Poetry 180

11 - Dream Variations - Langston Hughes
12 - The Bat - Theodore Roethke
13 - Did I Miss Anything? - Tom Wayman
14 - Blackberry Eating - Galway Kinnell
15 - Casey at the Bat - Ernest Thayer

  • I found "Dream Variations" in Poetry for Young People: Langston Hughes edited by David Roessel & Arnold Rampersad.
  • The Bat and Did I Miss Anything? both come from Poetry 180.
  • Another resource that I have been using is A Poem for Every Day! by Susan Moger. In her book I found "Blackberry Eating" by Galway Kinnell.
  • Casey at the Bat is from Middle School Poetry 180 and it is also in A Poem for Every Day!.

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