Fourth Grade Science Review - Physical Sciences

Physical Sciences: Electricity and Magnetism

Main concept: Electricity and magnetism are related effects that have many useful applications in everyday life.

A. How do you design and build simple series and parallel circuits by using components such as wires, batteries, and bulbs? What are circuits?

B. How do you build a simple compass? How do you use a compass to detect magnetic effects, including Earth's magnetic field? What is a magnetic field?

C. Do electric currents produce magnetic fields? How do you build a simple electromagnet? What is an electric current? What is an electromagnet?

D. What is the role of electromagnets in the construction of (1) electric motors, (2) electric generators, and (3) simple devices, such as doorbells and earphones? What is an electric motor? What is an electric generator? How do simple devices, like doorbells and earphones, work?

E. Do electrically charged objects attract or repel each other?

F. Do magnets have two poles? What are they named? How do they attract and repel each other?

G. Can electrical energy be converted into heat energy? Can electrical energy be converted into light energy? Can electrical energy be converted into motion (mechanical energy)? How?

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