Solar System

You can go to Mr. Drum's science page as well as his study guides page for more information.

Welcome to the Planets

Mixtures and Solutions

You can go to Mr. Drum's study guide pages on Separating Mixtures and Reaching Saturation.

FOSS' Mixtures and Solutions unit addresses the physical science standards relating to the elements. You can link directly to the Mixtures and Solutions vocabulary page on FOSSweb.

You can also go to my physical sciences page for additional information.


Water Planet

You can link directly to the Water Planet Vocabulary page on FOSSweb. You can also see Mr. Drum's page just for weather.



Living Systems

You can link directly to the Living Systems vocabulary page on FOSSweb.


Mr. Drum's Science Page

Mr. Drum has prepared a general science page. He has also prepared a science study guides page.


FOSS stands for Full Option Science System and is the science curriculum adopted by the district. It is an inquiry-based program, which means it focuses on hands-on investigations, but follows up the hands-on activities with reading in a textbook.

STAR Test and Standards

Fifth grade students have a science component to their STAR test, which they did not have in previous grades. The science test is comprised 60% of questions from the fifth grade science standards and 40% from the fourth grade science standards.

You can see the standards on my science standards page or you can access the science standards online from the State of California website.

Fourth Grade Science Review


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