Student Responsibilities

These are some of the Student Responsibilities that come from the district’s Student and Parent/Guardian Handbook.

1. It is your responsibility:

  • to be prompt to school and to class.
  • not to be absent from school without parent’s knowledge and consent.
  • not to leave a classroom without teacher’s permission.
  • not to leave campus without school permission.

2. It is your responsibility:

  • to be prepared for class with appropriate materials.
  • to participate in class activities.
  • to follow classroom procedures.
  • to complete assignments, including assigned homework.
  • to meet proficiency standards.
  • to progress toward promotion and/or graduation requirements.

3. It is your responsibility:

  • to demonstrate cooperation and responsible behavior in the classroom and at school activities.
  • to show respect for staff members, teachers, adult supervisors, classified employees, guest speakers, substitute teachers, and other students.
  • to learn and carry out the rules and regulations prescribed in the school handbook.
  • to use proper mannerisms and channels of communication to resolve conflicts.
  • to respect the property of others.
  • to be honest.
  • to use acceptable language.
  • to show concern for the welfare of the school and student body.
  • to have pride in one’s work, and the work of others.
  • to have respect for the differences of others.
  • not to use rudeness, defiance, or disrespectful words or gestures.

4. It is your responsibility:

  • to keep the campus clean and free from litter.
  • to keep the restrooms clean.
  • to keep the walls of your campus free from writing, carvings, or slogans.
  • to keep all equipment, lockers, desks, and books free from being defaced or damaged.
  • to keep loiterers away by reporting them to the proper authorities.
  • to use school property only when permission is granted.
  • to follow check-out procedures for school equipment.
  • to safekeep and use school equipment properly.
  • to return school equipment promptly and in good condition.

5. It is your responsibility:

  • to take home all information sheets and printed material.
  • to return to school all requested forms.
  • to ask visitors to report to the school office.
  • to dress and groom appropriately.
  • not to give false identification nor practice forgery.
  • not to violate rules and regulations prescribed in the student handbook.
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