Survey Results

Each year, we survey the students and parents of Lafayette. Below is how this year's students and parents thought of the education and environment of Lafayette Elementary School.

Student Survey

I am getting enough instruction in: yes no I am doing: excellent okay poorly
Reading/Writing 25 4 12 17 0
Math/Problem Solving 26 3 13 16 0
Speaking in front of an audience 13 16 6 16 7
Science 21 8 9 19 1
Social Studies 24 5 9 19 1
Computer 20 10 13 14 1
Music, drama, dance, etc. 18 12 12 10 5
Art 19 11 11 12 4
P.E. 24 5 16 13 0
Health 25 4 12 16 0
not enough just right too much
Homework is… 2 21 6
Yes No
I get extra help at school when I need it. 23 6
Students at Lafayette get along with each other. 14 15
When we have a problem with each other, we are taught to work it out peacefully. 20 9
I am treated respectfully by teachers and other adults at school. 25 5
I think Lafayette is a safe school. 25 4
I think Lafayette is a clean school. 9 20
I know the school rules. 28 2
I like to come to school. 22 6
I learn a lot at Lafayette. 27 2

You may notice that not all numbers add up to 32; some students left some responses blank.

Commentary by Mr. Walker

Students are generally accurate in terms of how much instruction they are getting, and I agree with the results. When it comes to how well they are doing, they tend to overestimate how well they are doing. It speaks highly of their self-esteem that they generally don't think they're doing poorly, but too many of them think they are doing excellent when, in fact, they are not.

This year, it is true that not many students at Lafayette get along with each other. In past years, more students said yes to that statement than no, but sadly not this year. Some of the problem is reflected in the next statement. Students are taught how to work problems out peacefully, but choose not to follow through on what they are taught. I've lost count of the number of times when students asked me to intervene in a problem when they themselves had done nothing to resolve it on their own.

Year after year, students universally criticize Lafayette as unclean. They are thinking, no doubt, of the bathrooms. Yet, they are largely responsible for the poor quality of the bathrooms.

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